Monday, 9 August 2010


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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lace Up Boots!!!

The new craze around seems to be lace up boots. And if i'm honest they aren't all bad. They aren't usually my type of thing but they look yummy comfortable!
The look around my town seems to be with massive socks showing at the top, which definately brings out the rock chic in people!
I personally do not own any as I am trying to save my money although they are very hard to resist.

I think that the best look for these are with tight skinny jeans that hug the legs as they have a bigger impact on the silhouette and rockness of the outfit. Wearing them with slouchy jeans, I feel would make them look very buildery work. Eeek.

In other news I am off to London for a day trip tomorrow, so shall take my camera and see the fashion crazes there.

What do you think of these rock-chic boots? You own a pair? You want a pair?

Love Eloise xxx

Monday, 5 April 2010


Sorry it has been a little while since my last post. My grandparents do have internet in their house, which was awful. I feel like I have been in hiding! But I'm out now, and I have my laptop and the internet.

And it's easter. I'm not religious, I just love the choclit [:
We had our annual easter egg hunt yesterday, which was very good. (But we then went onto watch The Dark Knight and man is that scary!!!)

How was your easters?

So. As it is easter, the retro movies come on TV. And this year it was Sound of Music!!!! What a classic movie. My siblings and I always used to act it out when we were younger; now I want to be Maria.
But the clothes are pretty amazing too. I have found some beautiful pieces that are inspired by The Sound of Music and the free-flowing attitude their outfits portray.

How amazing do they look?

The girls always wear dresses or skirts. Thats a must. There are so many cute girly pieces that I found like this skirt....

It's a lot more modern than the type of skirts they wear in the movie but it still has the same qualities. It's the right length and has the flowery pattern to it. Either add a pair of tights, but i recommend just adding a cute pair of simple pumps. Either strappy or not.

I love this bag. Okay, so none of the children really take bags anywhere, but we have so many essential objects these days that you cannot leave the hosue without one. And these types of bags are not only very cute but large as well (why not take it to school).
Summer hats are a must anyway. This is from topshop, and it very cute and simple. There are many out there so depending on your style, there is a hat to fit.

This patterned dress it more colourful than those worn in Sound of Music but still has the 60's feel to it, with the belt adding a bit more structure.

Other Sound of Music essentials include anything greeny. They were big on running around and ahving fun so nothing too tight fitting.
Also, a good thing to add is braces. They are very cute. Pair them with a cute pair of black shorts, a flowery top and some pumps!!!

Plus, any long socks or tights are a good look along with a hairband.

What do you think of The Sound of Music? And the clothes in the movie and in this post?

Love Eloise xxx

Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring Essentials

Spring is fast approaching, thankfully! Although that never means much for people in England as the cold weather continues, but there are some essentials needed to make the transition from winter to spring. Firstly, look through the old clothes in your wardrobe, as the recession has most probably made an impact on the spending one can do. Re-creating and changing up clothing is best way to get new clothes and save money. Plus no-one will have it either.
1. The Light Jacket.

This is essential to keep you warm but not too hot. On the colder days of spring, a jacket is needed to cover up and still look chic. The trench coats were big in Winter 09/10 and I think they will still be around in the up-coming seasons. You can get ones without much lining so you can still wear them in the summer and winter (with a hoody underneath).
2. The Ballet Shoe.

This is the type of season between boots and flip-flops. Ballet shoes are the way to go in comfort, price and look. They are all over the place, so whatever your style there will be the perfect ones. And there are very suitable for walking around town or going out if you need a break from heels.
3. The Flowy Skirt.
On those days where it feels that it could be summer skirts are a good call. They make you look girly and fun [but make sure it isn't too short otherwise you may not feel very flowy]. There are so many different patterns that there are ones to suit every type of mood.
4. The Boyfriend Blazer.

These are still in fashion, which you can tell from the celebrities wearing them. They can be worn on a night out or for a casual day shopping. Paired with heels and sunglassess makes you look very chic. Or downplay it with boyfriend jeans and gladiator shoes.

5. The Jean Shirt.
I love these. Put it over a tank top and shorts [in the hotter days of spring] or over a dress and tights in the not-so-hot days. The big trend on the runways was to pair jean items together, so you could go with the jean shirt and jean bottoms to look very high fashion. Make sure the colour of the jeans match, the tones need to be different to pull off the look. Maybe roll up your jeans [the trousers] to make them ankle swingers.

6. The Perfect Purple.

Purple always seems to be in. It is very versitile and just a nice colour. It is an essential to have, in partiuclar the designs above. The magazine clutch is very similar to the one Rihanna has been seen to have, so the more out-there mood. And the one beneath it is very typical, but is useful and can be the perfect accessories to a light looking outfit.
I found this top when surfing topshop, and just fell in love. I thought I would share [:

What are your spring essentials? What did you think of the amzingly vintage topshop top?
Sorry for the gap between posts. Will get back on schedule.
Love Eloise xxx
P.S I am having trouble, with this. How do you put a space between lines. I press enter may a times yet it doesn't come up on the post? Anybody know?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Reese Witherspoon

I have always been a fan of Reese Witherspoon, but never really thought anything of it. She as never my favourite, but recently (after purchasing Legally Blonde 1 and 2) I have found the reason why I loved her in the first place. She is a talented actress and also sets fashion trends with her simple looks. As a mother, she has to wear pratical clothing. Only Victoria Beckham can get away with wearing 4 inch Louboutins when on the school run.

Reese's fashion has also evolved throughout the time that she has been on our screens and in our magazines. Her dresses for award shows have been varied, with very vintage pieces to modern flirty pieces.

This dress is just gorgeous. It's a 1955 Christian Dior piece which Reese wore in 2006. These types of dresses are timeless and can never leave.

Her everyday look is very simple and pratical yet very chic and pretty...

The next look is for a nice spring or summer day, recreated for less money than I assume Reese's Witherspoons outfit costs.
The Dress (Monsoon), The Bag (Accessorize), The Ballet Pumps (Forever21) and The Cardigan (Debenhams).

In other news, the Oscars is tonight, and I am very excited about what everybody is going to wear. What the trends will be and who will fail in the fashion area.
In the UK, it is on E! at 11pm.
I will be updating about that asap.
What are your thoughts on Reese Witherspoon? What actress do you love?
Who are you excited to see at the Oscars?
Love Eloise xxx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


* London Fashion Week Continues. How exciting.
Peter Pilotto.

Issa London.


Favourite outfit above. Yum.

What is your favourite so far???
Love Eloise xxx

Monday, 22 February 2010

Half term week has been hectic. Lack of blogging comes as a result, but now everything is back. School, routine...and snow! Thought we would be rid of it by now, I've been way too hopeful for spring and trying to make it appropriate to get rid of the wellies, obviously not.

Thankfully London Fashion Week has begun. Lovely stuff. I've been going through the last 3 days worth of designers and trying to find the trends that we could see for Autumn and Winter 2010. The most obvious one would be the colour. Black was seen everywhere. Richard Nicoll, Betty Jackson, Clements Ribeiro, Jasper Conran, Meadham Kirchhoff, and loads others were supporting the darkness.

Julien Macdonald

Clements Ribeiro

This collection is sooo cute. I just love it. It's a bit rock 'n' roll but very feminine at the same time. I have never been one to suit the rock chic look as much as I try, but with these outfits I think I could. Although, anybody wearing these clothes would not have to pull off that look. The main thing to show they are a bit rocky is the black eye make up, which of course is to the opinion of the dresser.
Love these clothes!!!!!

Betty Jackson

I love this collection, as you can see the balck was incoporated into it. I just love the belts. I love it when they are tied into a knot. It looks so much better and it seems that the designer agreed.

Jasper Conran
I was excited to see what Jasper Conran would bring out, but a bit dissappointed. There were some nice outfits but nothing that jumped out to me or stood out as spectactular.

These were three that I liked the most. His designs were different but they were not for me.

What do you think about Jasper Conran's designs???
What do you think about the beginning of London Fashion Week?
Love Eloise xxx